Screening Center Olten (Antigen)


Do you have the symptoms for more than 4 days?
Do you work in healthcare with direct patient contact?
Do you have risk diseases?
You have received a message from the SwissCovid App indicating that you have had contact with a person who tested positive.
Did the cantonal medical service tell you to take a test, or have you been told to quarantine after being in contact with someone who tested positive (in that case, the test should be taken at least 5 days after that contact)?
You have no symptoms and would like to take a free preventive test? Allowed for this are people who have been vaccinated once, people who cannot be tested for medical reasons, people under the age of 16 and people who want to visit a hospital, retirement home or another social-medical institution.
Was your sample in a pool that tested positive for coronavirus?
Are you getting tested again because your self-test was positive?